Fire Safety Emergency Escape Rope, Rappel Rope, Emergency Rescue Rope

This product has high strength, small elongation, good shock resistance, is suitable for the firefighters self-saving that glide from upstairs or hanging down people and supplies from high place.

Fire safety rope, can use the original fiber materials such as nylon 66 yarn, with high strength, small elongation,

good shock resistance, high temperature resistant,etc. Mainly suitable for fireman in the fire fighting and rescue, and disaster

relief or for manned in the daily training of fire safety rope.

The safety rope diameter is 10mm-16mm, a headband buckle, with the insurance card lock, the tensile strength reaches the national standard.

Fire safety rope should be kept in warm, dry and ventilated place, away from heat source. Fire safety rope, after use and avoid contact with sharp

objects in transit. In principle, the rope has a useful life of three years. The safety rope must be checked periodically by the manufacturer

or by its designated representative at least once a year.


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